Materiel Pre-Fall 21

Brought to you by Jam Project, the concept of the series is to document behind the scenes action. It also highlights the diversity of character and style that is combined in the collection. 

Materiel Pre-Fall 2021 collection examines different characters of women colliding two radical spirits best described as sophisticated and boyish. Three-piece suits are novelty to collection. Playful short trousers (note: may bring school uniform nostalgia) are balanced out with tailored blazers layered with classic shirts and masculine vests. Proportion here plays a significant role. Otherwise modest pieces come with unexpected details such as bare back or slashes. With an emphasis on versatility, multiple pieces in the collection allow transformation. Over 70% of the collection is made of sustainable and recycled fabrics.































































































Letter from Tiko P.


The story of Materiel woman continues as we unfold her identity and character step by step. My vision is to create collections that captivate numerous characteristics of women and tell their story. Impressive, powerful, determined, inspirational, delicate - these are all the beautiful elements of female character that I try to translate into collections.

Materiel woman has a wide range of personality. This intellectual being is determined, has no limitations and makes decisions based on her instincts and value system. Apart of the masculine side, she is a symbol of femininity - of subtlety and compassion.

A strong character isn’t immune to influence and that, to me, is natural. However, it is important to maintain individuality and have your own perception of world and everything that happens within.

Women who I hope will feel comfortable in these pieces are all different with age, background, and lifestyle; But what they have in common is that they all are memorable.











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