Why Georgian Fashion Is One Of The New Global Trendsetters

While socially distancing, I had time to reflect on the fashion map I’ve covered for years. One point particularly stood out. Tbilisi, Georgia. It made me wonder how many media mentions it takes to crown a place a Fashion Capital for good?! In 2016 the press first declared Tbilisi “just might be the fashion capital of Eastern Europe”. Since, the New York Times put its style focus on Georgia, ELLE magazine gave Georgia a 360-degree editorial, and High Snobeity suggested Tbilisi was “the next fashion hotspot”, Yahoo! figured out “why the fashion industry loved Tbilisi”, Marie Claire “confirmed” Tbilisi as “one of the most fashionable cities in the world” and so on. Can just we move beyond renewed expectations and fully embrace Georgian fashion scene as one of the global trendsetters?!

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