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About the Brand


"Fashion House Materia" was established in 1949 and till this day remains as one of the oldest apparel manufacturers and fashion retailers in Georgia. During the Soviet era our fashion house was actively partaking in domestic and international fashion shows. The experiences gained from interacting alongside various European and Soviet fashion scenes gave the brand a strong foundation when it became totally privatized after the collapse of the Soviet Union. Our fashion house fully controls the production of its goods and does not indulge in outsourcing. We proud ourselves for having everything made in-house, each and every item being fully crafted in Tbilisi, Georgia. This is possible by running our own factory with modern manufacturing technologies, high production capabilities and extremely competent work force. 

"Fashion House Materia" gave birth to a premium line MATÉRIEL.

MATÉRIEL is unique in its approach to the fashion business; it is comprised of young Georgian designers who create their own seasonal and mini collections for the brand. MATÉRIEL directly aids the evolution of the Georgian fashion scene by giving opportunities to young Georgian designers to realize and grow their work. Several designers that were cultivated by MATÉRIEL ended up opening their own fashion houses. MATÉRIEL is a constant participant in domestic and international fashion scenes with highly positive feedback from global media representatives.

Currently MATÉRIEL embraces three Georgian designers Lika Chitaia, Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili and Lado Bokuchava, who create seasonal and mini collections for the brand. Apart from this MATÉRIEL collaborates with other Georgian brands/designers between seasons.

MATÉRIEL's collections are presented at MATÉRIEL Tbilisi showroom located in Old Tbilisi. Also our online-shopping platform www.materieltbilisi.com