Mariam Gugushvili @ 2020-04-23 06:50:19 -0400

As majority of businesses are struggling with whip of pandemic, fashion industry too is seeking for the ways to reckon with reality. Change is inevitable as we see the supply-chains fall, PR budgets slash and consumers being hesitant about unessential purchases.

Industry trend highly influenced Tbilisi based Materiel and its parent company Fashion House Materia. In the response of pandemic, Materiel has stirred the course and implemented new regulations for productive outcome.

Materia group employees up to 300 people; Their health and safety is one of the key principals of the establishment also confirmed by the ISO standard. Production was suspended shortly after the virus was detected in the country and remains so ever since. However, many fashion companies have now allocated their assets into helping the fight for Covid-19. Being the member of the global fashion family, Materiel too has directed its resources to aid the community.

Currently, factory is centralized on producing the scrubs and face masks. On the other hand, company has been tremendously involved in reduction of footprint and eco-social compliance. 

Materia’s alternative is to create the most efficient multi-use product that is both medically endorsed and environmentally friendly. They have integrated the use of bio degradable fabrics into the face mask technology. All the materials used in process are upcycled from deadstock and are 98% biodegradable. They contain no harmful dyes or chemicals. 

This initiative is fully non-profit and aims to support the local community and health sector. Special face masks, that portray cartoon characters and colorful patterns, were produced for kids and will be distributed to Iashvili Children’s Clinic. 

Company believes, that navigating during pandemic is possible if every one acknowledges their share of responsibility towards the community. Even small contributions can make positive change and overall, help the world overcome the tragedy.