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In 1949 the first Georgian fashion house was founded. Since then, generation of young and talented Georgian designers facilitated the evolution of the Fashion House by constantly creating new and innovative collections for domestic and foreign customers. Formulated collections were marketed and presented around ex-Soviet and European catwalks.

In 2003 Fashion House supplemented its brand by adding name-tag MATERIA, hence igniting a new essence in already well-established trademark. Throughout 10 years of its existence, FASHION HOUSE MATERIA accumulated profound level of acknowledgment, experience and established additional premium line MATERIEL. By creating a venue for artistic self-expression, MATERIEL helped the advancement of the Georgian fashion scene and aided the cultivation of talented Georgian designers who previously lacked the domain of artistic particularization.

By conducting such merits, we have secured customer loyalty and created a brand identity that reinforces notions of quality, trendiness and high-level consumer satisfaction.

Currently MATÉRIEL unites three Georgian designers Lika Chitaia, Tiko Paksashvili and Aleksandre Akhalkatsishvili and presents their collections at our store. Also Materiel does collaborations with creative director of another Georgian brand ATELIER KIKALA -Lado Bokuchava

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