Disco Pants

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80's are back , totally back with lots of lots of neon, legwarmers,shoulder pads, denim jackets but the main trend is sputnik .Cliché interpretation of "the future" ,contemporary, eclectic, and classic with unique concepts and story worth sharing.During the 1980s shiny, sparkly clothes were par for the course.
We all remember Cher in a sequin and fringe embellished dress , 70's Grease where two high school seniors: a bad boy (played by John Travolta) and a good girl (played by Olivia Newton-John),Freddie Mercury's sequined pants, Twiggy in The Boy Friend, 1971, 70's Charlies angels , The Supremes in 60's and so on.
This trend has comeback but this time they’re toned down and needs to complete its chic style with a natural makeup look and simple waves.

Model : Ninka Gelikoshvili
Photo by : Mary Bichashvili
Apparel : Materiel By Lado Bokuchava


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