Interview With Dana Hourani

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Dubai-based Trendsetter And Regional Influencer 


-What causes emotional resonance on social media?

-I believe when people start painting a perfect picture on social media it starts to raise insecurity in others. The truth is that nobody shows the real issues of everyday life and followers start to compare their lives to the picture perfect posts they see.


-Your Catalyst enriching experience.

-I personally love projects that have to do with an expression of arts. Music, art, acting, motivational videos.


-Key attributes for successful fashion brand website

-I would say staying up to date with latest trends and consistency.

-What makes an engaging brand Instagram?

-Being consistent with an identity and frequency of posting. Building campaigns around the brand with the right story and choosing the right people to portray it.

-How can fashion brands use social media to their advantage?

-Communicate better and expand without limits through the ways mentioned in previous question.

-Which designer from the middle east managed to stamp their sartorial mark on the global fashion scene.

-Elie Saab is considered to be on the top level with international designers.

-The world's celebrity style wardrobe sees an increasing diversification. What you consider as main source for stylists to get information about brand.

-I believe consistently researching online and following the right publications that feed the right information about latest brands, trends etc.

- What is Materiel’s identity?

-Materiel has a classic identity with a strong edge and twist.

-Your favorite quote

“Never compare your beginning to someone else’s middle”

- Is it a tough industry to be in? What are some hardships you face in fashion.

-Constantly be online most hours of the day. Finding ways to create new content that hasn’t been done, researching new movements, and constantly living up to new challenges and competition. The key  for success is originality.

- Which word best describes you?



-Simplest way to inspire people

-Being real and honest. Finding ways to send an inspirational or motivational message that  impacts someone.

-What caused interest in you to visit Tbilisi?

-I’ve always been a fan of Georgian designers work and wanted to see at first hand. I went to discover fashion and discovered a lot more, the city and the people, the charm and hospitality. And I fell in love instantly.



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