Interview With Irina Lakicevic

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Photographed By @le21eme (Adam Katz Sinding)

Editor in chief MINT ( @mint_journal )

"Irina Lakicevic is momentarily tied up. “You caught me right in action,” says the street style star and editor of Mint Journal, calling breathlessly from her hometown of Bergen, Norway. When in New York, London, Milan, and Paris, Lakicevic dashes from show to show, but back in the Nordic city, her hours are passed filling cavities, cementing crowns, and performing root canals. " - VOGUE.COM

-Why is fashion important?

-It's first means of visual communication- weather we like it or not we are prior to a deeper conversation categorized by the way we look and what we wear. Weather it is leather pants, a blazer or a denim shirt, all garments have some symbolism attached to them. 

-Hardest part of your job
-Making sure there is continuous stream of good images to post on Instagram

-Which Instagram accounts do you like following and why?
-I like everything art and 80's redux so perhaps like @persephonevint or @mint_journal

-What is boring and what causes wow-effect for you?
-I think the simple cute blogger on Instagram doesn't do it for me, I like edgy challenging people that push my own aesthetics aside from being plan repetative.

-What's the biggest 'stayer' of the season at our store?
-Your coat with Cut-outs

-How to make sure that you're not frivolous to your customers and out of business?
-Don't be childeish about it- fashion is buisness with a lot of pushy, yet talented people, be nice and work hard.

-What is Materiel's stylistic identity?
-Quite minimal with  interesting details

Favorite Quote? "Take your pleasures seriously"

-What improves brand loyalty?
-When they are consequent and they are aligned with people that make sense for the brand

-Wardrobe Icon
-Phoebe Philo

-What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the fashion industry?
-Know what you want to do

-What would we find on your desk at work that’s specific to you?
-Countless amount of cables

-Complete this sentence: Fashion is
- a never-ending conversation


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