Interview With Yasmine Kenawi

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Egyptian Blogger, Stylist And Fashion Addict


- How do you see Eastern fashion in the near future.

-Eastern fashion has really been growing lately and is definitely on everyone's radar. I really think many designers from this region are growing more popular everyday. 


- What makes you inspired?

-My dad is a constant reminder of how hard work will make you succeed. He's my number one supporter and has inspired me to start my own business since I was a little girl. 


- What advice would you give to someone wanting to start in the fashion industry?

-Network network network! Also be patient, firm and whenever it gets hard pick yourself up again.


- How did you hear about us?

-Through Instagram that's usually how I find out about most fashion boutiques or designers lately.


- What’s hot and what’s not

-Honestly I really think with proper styling you can make anything look good. However I really do hate crocs!


- What did you learn in blogging while making process?

-I learned that it takes time and patience to build your own brand. I definitely think that your audience needs to be built organically and having a strategy is extremely important. Also it's not always about how much you would make but rather what actually fits your style and what your followers can associate with.


- Favorite Quote?

"Not all who wander are lost"- JRR Tolkien


- Hardest part of your job

-It's very time consuming and extremely competitive but I really enjoy the challenge. 


- Which Instagram accounts do you like following and why?

-I follow a lot of fashion bloggers and stylists so that I can get inspired by some outfit ideas and get to know some of them. Instagram can really build relationships now. I've became close to so many bloggers globally because of that. I like following stylists because I'm really inspired by editorials and I really like showing that on my Instagram. When I schedule a full blog shoot it usually has a certain theme and concept.


- What do you think makes a story sharable? 

-If it's unique, creative and relevant


- If you buy one thing tomorrow at Materiel, what should it be?

-The green faux leather trench coat


- Wardrobe Icon

-I have many! But lately I've been really inspired by super model Elsa Hosk.

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