Interview With Parisian Camille Amblard

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Parisian stylist and jewelry designer 

-What are some of your current fashion obsessions?
-Coat & jacket in the first place , white shirt in second and the shoes ...Always with a good shape, in the perfect fabric...

-How do you describe as typical Parisian style? 
-The Parisian Style, it’s a mix of vintage ( or used ) and new, minimalistic but with a solid color, long and simple...always with red lipstick!

-What type of camera do you use? 
-I use my iPhone 7+

-How did you hear about us?
-I found you on Instagram...Now, I discover a lot of fashion designers on IG....I have never bought a fashion magazine . I don’t hesitate to order and discover new brand and new designer ....Maybe one day, I would like to open a store in Paris with my beautiful discoveries ...Like You


-Coffee or Tea? 
-Before becoming a mother: Tea . After having kids : Coffee

-Favorite lipstick color? 
-Red or Orange but always matte.

-Favorite Quote? 
"Choose to shine / Keep always your smile."

-What's the biggest 'stayer' of the season at our store?
-Love your coat and jacket...You are the best in designing original and minimalistic shapes.

-Which Materiel item makes you look, like, totally cool? 
-The Jacket or coat in beautiful fabric : wool or cotton.

-If you buy one thing tomorrow, what should it be? 
-Yesterday: a jacket or a long coat/ Today : lipstick or an amazing white shirt / Tomorrow : An other jacket or a long coat.


-Handbag: massive tote or little clutch?
-Massive tote...I need to put a lot of things and thinks 

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